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Monday, November 2, 2009

Britney Spears - 3 [HQ]

Britney Spears really is doing her best to ‘fit in’ the charts these days and her latest single, 3, is no exception.

The single is poised to celebrate the release of The Singles Collection on 23 November, which isn’t just a greatest hit’s CD…. It’s actually a box set of all her singles PLUS loads of other goodies that we just hope we get a delivery of in the FemaleFirst office.

The new single, which has been recorded especially for the launch, is another club-tastic offering from the blonde bombshell, who is still desperately trying to regain some of her sex appeal following her very public meltdown.

To be honest, I think this single shows Britters back on top form, and she’s clearly ditched the schoolgirl outfit and moved with the times, okay, so she’s still a popstar who enjoys to go a little OTT on the robot voice, but we love her.

This single is bound to be in your local club as soon as your DJ friend blags the promos, so check it out below (via the beauty of YouTube and let us know if you’ll be dancing along, or heading to the loo when it comes on.


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