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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say [HD]

Jason DeRulo croons here like a confident, established R&B pop singer. In the more emotional sections of this musical plea for reconciliation, DeRulo spits out the words with a spirit appropriate for the moment. He pledges paradise when he becomes a star, and it looks like that time may be coming sooner instead of later.

The down side of "Whatcha Say" is the record does sound rather derivative of much that is already going on in contemporary R&B. The heavy vocal effect drench can make Jason DeRulo sound rather faceless at times. Adding in the sample of Imogen Heap's ambient synths and the record risks burying the lead talent.

"Whatcha Say" is a good summer song that is likely to carry its popularity into the fall. Jason DeRulo is a confident new talent, and we will eagerly look forward to his first full-length album. Let's hear a bit more of the spirit evident when Jason DeRulo comes close to cutting loose near the end of the song. The best guess is he has significantly more vocal talent than is put to you use on "Whatcha Say."


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